10 Reasons To Book Our 30 Person Limo Bus For Your Next Group Event

limo bus

The more the merrier, right? Why segment your group when you can all travel together to and from your next event in our 30 person limo bus.

Here are the ten reasons to take advantage of the newest car in our fleet!

10. Book with a trusted company. With over 25 years of experience working in Ontario, Gem Limo offers you great service from a company that has a great reputation, and a longstanding history or working in the area. Still not sure? Check out our testimonials.

9. You can travel with a larger group. Our newest 30 person limo bus can comfortably seat anywhere from 28 to 30 people. That’s a whole lot of friends.

8. Everyone will have more space. Big dresses? Lots of luggage? An elephant and its trunk? You’ll have room for everything in this car!

7. 42 inch flat screen with DVD surround sound. If the company of up to 29 of your closest friends isn’t enough entertainment for you, this will keep you entertained throughout the trip.

6. Individual bar areas. Everyone will have space to make and enjoy drinks for the ride!

5. Set the mood. Whether you’re looking for a party atmosphere, or even something a little more relaxed, our limousine bus helps you set the mood with rear accent lighting with overhead controls, as well as a mirrored headliner with fiber optics.

4. Privacy for you and your party. Our limo bus also offers tinted windows for extra privacy. The car also has an insulated passenger compartment for temperature and sound

3. Travel in comfort. In addition to offering plush leather seats, our limo bus also offers you dedicated rear air conditioning unit with air return to make sure you and your passengers stay comfortable. You’ll be so comfortable; you might never want the ride to end!

2. Travel in safety. While safety may not always be at the forefront of your mind when planning a fun evening, it’s important nonetheless. Our limo buses offer emergency egress windows for your safety.

1. Because it’s fun! And really, what better reason do you need than that?

If you have an upcoming event where you will be transporting a large group of people, considering renting one of our limo buses!