Limo Coach: Ideal Transportation for Large Wedding Parties and Wine Tours

30 Passenger Party Bus for Prom

Sometimes a stretch limo just won’t do the trick. It’s now more common for people to plan events and travel in larger groups. After all, it can be more cost effective, easier to manage travel plans, and you can all travel together.

Even if you have a large group we still have you covered. Our limo coach can accommodate up to groups of 30 comfortably – making it a perfect option foe two groups in particular

  1. Large Wedding Parties
  2. Wine Tour Groups

Limo Coaches for Large Wedding Parties

When you have a large wedding party, ensuring everyone gets to where they need to be on time can be a challenge, especially if you try to coordinate transportation with multiple vehicles. The last thing you need to worry about is whether or not half of your wedding party got lost, is running late or got stuck in traffic. A limo coach for weddings solves this issue.

A limo coach is big enough to accommodate large wedding parties and family members. This means that the entire group is together at all times will be on time, and you will be where you need to go on schedule.

Limo Coaches for Wine Tour Groups

Booking a limo wine tour is a great way to spend a summer day. Often, you won’t have any difficulty finding people that want to join you – sometimes to the point where you have to cap the number in your group to fit in the limousine. The good news is that a limo coach ensures you can fit all your friends for the wine tour. It also eliminates that awkward conversation where you have to tell someone they can’t come because you don’t have room. With a limo coach, everyone can come on the wine tour and travel comfortably.

Limo coaches let you have more people, more fun, and more wine!

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