Traffic Tips to Minimize the Impact of The Pan Am Games in the GTA


The Pan Am Games are in full swing, and so is the traffic. To help you get around the Greater Toronto Area without getting too stressed when behind the wheel, we have put together a list of common sense traffic tips that can help you avoid traffic delays:

  1. Carpool: Even though it may take a little work getting together a group of people to carpool with you during the games, if people across the city do it, it can help ease some of the traffic congestion, plus you will save money on gas and you won’t have to drive each day. It’s a win-win.


  1. Plan ahead: Sounds obvious, but it can definitely help. Whether you are commuting to work, planning a night out with some friends, or heading to the city for business, plan ahead so your day goes according to plan.


  1. Stay on top of traffic reports: Perhaps the best thing you can do to avoid getting stuck in traffic is to check out the traffic reports before you drive anywhere. Use your GPS and plan alternate routes so you have options. Traffic conditions can change at any time and you need to be prepared to change plans on the fly.


  1. Stay away from high traffic areas if possible: We all know the downtown core, Lakeshore and other areas where events are taking place will experience higher volumes of traffic. So, if possible, stay away from these areas. If you have to drive in these areas, give yourself plenty of time and scout the area beforehand.


  1. Hire limo service: Why deal with the traffic and stressful driving situations when you don’t have to – just give us a call and we are happy to handle all your transportation needs.

If you have somewhere important to be during the Pan Am Games and want to make sure you get there on time, give Gem Limo a call. We have a variety of limo options to accommodate groups up to 30 passengers.

We are available for all your transportation needs during the games:

Have you been having issues getting around the GTA? Have you noticed a change in the amount of traffic?  What strategies have you been using to avoid traffic and get places on time?

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