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12 Reasons to Visit an Ontario Winery This Fall

Gem Limousine Wine Tour

Ontario wineries continue to gain notoriety in the wine community. With dozens of great wineries across the province and with a renewed interest in wine in general, more and more people are open to visiting a winery.

If you have never been on a wine tour, you are missing out. Wine tours are a great opportunity to sample some of the local wine and experience something unique. Each winery offers a new experience and an opportunity to try out new wine.

Here are the top reasons to visit a wine tour in Ontario:

  1. It’s something completely different than your typical night out at the movies
  2. You get the chance to try out new local wines
  3. You can try wine that is not available at the LCBO
  4. It’s perfect for a romantic date or for a group outing with friends
  5. You can get educated about the wine making process
  6. You will learn about how to pair various foods with wine
  7. You get the chance to try new and unreleased wines
  8. You will have the opportunity to ask questions
  9. It’s a great way to put money back into the local economy
  10. You can buy directly from the grower and you may be able to get volume discounts
  11. You can engage all of your senses
  12. It’s a completely new wine tasting experience

Planning on going to a winery in Ontario?

If you are planning on visiting a local Ontario winery, you are going to need a ride. One of the best ways to take your wine tour to the next level is to book a limousine. Limo wine tours give you the opportunity to not only see multi wineries in the same day, we will also handle all the driving, so you can enjoy some of the best wine that the province has to offer.

Build your own wine tour with our Limo Wine Tour Builder and personalize your day. Give us a call anytime with your questions about our limo wine tour options.