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5 Questions to ask when Booking your Prom Limo

Prom Limo

Prom season is here once again! And as we all know, limousines are synonymous with prom season.  If you are planning on renting a limousine for the upcoming prom season, you will want to ask the limo company the following questions:

How many people can the car fit? While this may seem obvious, make sure to clarify how many people you will be able to fit in the car, as well as whether there is a maximum number of people that can fit in the car. You should also take into account that you may not be able to fit as many people if all the girls are wearing big dresses.

How many pick up/drop off locations are included?  Most prom limousine packages will include a certain number of pick up or drop off locations. It will be important to know how many locations you are allowed in order to ensure that you do not go over your budget, or incur any extra costs.

How long do we get the car for? Most limousine packages will also only allow you to have the car for a certain number of hours. It will be important to know how many hours you get the car for in order to accurately plan your evening.

What forms of payment are accepted? Each limousine company will accept different forms of payment. Make sure that you are aware of what forms of payment the company you choose accepts, so that you are able to pay on time!

Do I need to pay a deposit? You will likely need to pay a deposit which is typically a certain percentage of your final bill, and is also due a certain number of days before your reservation. Neglecting to pay your deposit can mean that your limo reservation gets cancelled.

If you plan ahead, and ask the right questions, then you can make sure that your prom limousine rental is everything you hoped it would be, and the evening goes off exactly as planned. Enjoy your prom!


photo credit: seanmcgrath via photopin cc