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6 Ways to Save Money When Booking a Wedding Limo


If you are getting married soon, then you have undoubtedly realized that the costs associated with putting together a wedding can escalate pretty quickly! As a result, most brides and grooms are looking for ways that they can save some money on wedding-related services.

Below are some tips to save money when you are booking a wedding limo:

  1. Book early.  Most limousine companies will only have a certain number of cars and drivers available to work, even during busy season. It will be important to book early so that you can ensure that you get the car that you desire, but it also might help you to save some money. You won’t have to book a car than is larger than you need because it is all they have left.  Be sure to ask about this when you call for a quote!


  1. Book during off-season. Most companies will define the time period from May through October as “high season” for weddings. If you chose to book during off-peak season (particularly during the slower months of January through March), you will likely save yourself money, not only on your limo rental, but also on a variety of other vendors for your wedding.


  1. Get married on another day. Much like the discounts they will offer for getting married during off-peak season, many companies will also offer you discounts for their services associated with getting married on days when they are not typically as busy. You may want to consider getting married on a Friday, or even a Sunday.


  1. Only rent the car you need. Yes, a party bus can be lots of fun, and a pretty cool way to show on your big day, but if you are only transporting four people, it is also an unnecessarily large expense. Book a car that is appropriate for the number of people you will be transporting.


  1. Consider packages vs. renting by the hour. When booking a limousine you will have several options, including booking a car by the hour, or signing up for a wedding limo package, Often times the package will include “extras” that are free of charge, and may also end up being cheaper than booking by the hour. Ask to compare costs.


  1. Talk to your vendor. If after you have followed all of these cost-saving tips you are still not sure if you are getting the best deal possible, call your limo rental company! Talk to them about what other deals or discounts they might be able to offer.


Gem Limo is always happy to try to get you the best deal we can! Give us a call to discuss your wedding limo options.