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8 Fall and Winter Driving Tips to Keep our Roads Safe


Halloween is in the rearview mirror, we just turned the clocks back and it’s starting to get colder outside. That’s right – winter is on the way and so are potentially dangerous winter driving conditions.

At Gem Limo we take driving safety seriously and now is the perfect time to offer up a reminder that driving conditions are about to change and all drivers need to adjust their driving habits to ensure the roads are safe for everyone. Even though it has been unseasonably warm the past week, you never know when the weather will take a turn.

Here are 8 effective tips all drivers need to read:

  1. Pay more attention during dusk: With the clocks rolled back, it’s going to get darker earlier in the day. This means that we will have to drive more in the dark, limiting our visibility. When driving in subdivisions, at stop lights, and anywhere children are present, it’s important to slow down and pay extra attention to your surroundings.


  1. Get those winter tires on: Now is the time of year to get your winter tires on to improve your traction on the road and make it safer for you to drive in all types of driving conditions.


  1. Prepare your vehicle for winter driving: Take your vehicle in for an oil change and have it inspected by a trusted mechanic to ensure your vehicle is ready for winter. Now is also a great time to top up your washer fluid, and change your floor mats and wiper blades.


  1. Get a winter driving kit: Having a winter driving kit is something that you never realize how important it is until you have to use it. When getting your winter driving kit together make sure to include salt, a shovel, first aid supplies, booster cables, extra clothing and blankets and anything you may find useful if you get stranded or your vehicle breaks down.


  1. Give yourself some extra time: With the slick roads, traffic, and unpredictable weather conditions, it’s always a good idea to give yourself some extra time to get to your destination. This way you won’t feel rushed and you can make adjustments to your route.


  1. Check weather conditions before driving: Before leaving the house, check the weather conditions to get a sense of the driving conditions you can expect. It’s also a great idea to check the traffic report so you can plan your route based on the current driving conditions.


  1. Remove snow and ice from your vehicle before driving: This should go without saying, but it’s very important to remove all snow and ice from your vehicle. Snow and ice can impair your vision and it can fly off and become a hazard for other drivers.


  1. Put your phone away: Even with all the media attention and increase in fines in Ontario, people are still texting and driving. Distracted driving is even more dangerous during the winter. You have less time to react and road conditions can be unpredictable. Just don’t drive while distracted.

Following these tips will put you in a better position to be a safe and effective driver this winter. If we all did our part, we could reduce the number of accidents during the winter and improve overall road safety in Ontario

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