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A Family Day limo ride? Why not?

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Family Day is still a relatively new holiday for those of us in Ontario, so many families haven’t quite established traditions for this day as they have for some of the more established holidays, like New Year’s, or even Canada Day. This year it takes place on Monday, February 17th.

So why not use this year’s Family Day as the perfect excuse to start a new tradition in your family? If you’re looking for something fun to do this year for Family Day, here are some fun ideas you can do with the kids:

Enjoy the winter weather!  Yes, this year’s winter has been especially intense, but for those who enjoy winter sports, it has been pretty much perfect!  Grab your skis, snowboard, skates, or snow shoes, and get out there together as a family. Getting active is a great way to enjoy time together.

Indoor waterpark! Cold weather not really your thing? Maybe you’d like to focus on warmer climates? Take the kids to an indoor waterpark! They can enjoy some sunny(ish) fun, and you can relax in the hot tub.

Weekend getaway! Instead of enjoying just one day with the family, why not make a weekend of it? You could get a last minute deal to head somewhere warm, or perhaps stay somewhere closer to home.

If you are planning on partaking in any of these Family Day activities, then a limo is great way to get you there and back. When you rent a limo, your entire family (and all your luggage, or gear) can fit in one car, and you can all spend time together rather than having Mom or Dad having to stress about traffic, or finding a parking spot.

While you are enjoying time together in the back of the limo you could play board games, watch a movie, or even just take a nap. It really is the perfect way to cap off a fun Family Day experience.

In order to make sure you aren’t left out in the cold, book your Family Day limo ride today!