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Are You Ready? New Driving Laws in Ontario Take Effect Today

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In an attempt to make Ontario roads safer for all, a new set of driving laws take effect September 1st. Bill 31, also known as the “Making Ontario Roads Safer Act “comes with a new set of road rules and stiffer fines for distracted driving.

There are 5 key changes to traffic laws in the province that all drivers need to be aware of:

  1. Distracted driving: If you are caught texting, using your phone or engaging in other distracted driving actions while driving, be prepared to pay a whole lot more in fines. Starting today, those found guilty of distracted driving face fines up to $1000 plus demerit points. Drivers with G1 or G2 licenses could face license suspensions on the spot.


  1. Passing cyclists: Drivers now must give cyclists at least one metre of space at all times, especially when passing. Drivers who open their door into the path of a cyclist could face fines from $300 to $1000 plus 3 demerit points.


  1. Pedestrian crossovers: Drivers must now wait until pedestrians have completely crossed the street at crossovers and school crossings before proceeding.


  1. Alcohol and drugs: A law that has been in the works for some time now, drivers caught driving under the influence of drugs will face the same penalties as drunk drivers. Penalties include between a 3 and 90 day driver’s license suspension and vehicle impairment.


  1. The “move over” law: Drivers are now required to slow down and move into the next lane (if possible) when they see a stopped emergency vehicle with flashing lights. This includes tow trucks. Failure to comply could result in a $490 fine and 3 demerit points.

Here is a chart from that summarizes the new laws and how they differ from the previous road rules:

New Road Rules Ontario

Making adjustments to your driving habits is imperative to avoid new fines and to help make our roads safe for everyone. Gem Limo takes pride in being a safe and reliable limousine company in Ontario. Our drivers are fully aware of the new driving laws and look forward to driving you to your destination safely.