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Beat the Cottage Country Traffic by taking a Limo

The May long weekend signifies the start of summer, and for many it signifies the start of something else: cottage season.

If you live in the Burlington area or the GTA, and have a cottage then you have undoubtedly experienced the worst part about going to the cottage in the summer: the traffic! It seems like every Friday evening in the summer, the roads are jammed with people looking to head up north and get some rest and relaxation with their family and friends. It can actually make for a somewhat stressful start to your weekend, and can definitely take away from your weekend.

If you are heading to the cottage this summer, a great way to beat the traffic, and to make your commute a much more enjoyable experience is by renting a limousine to take you to and from the cottage.

Enjoy family time. When you are headed up to the cottage it is to spend some quality time with your family and friends. But hours spent sitting in traffic, and the stress it brings are likely not the way you want to start off your weekend, In fact, wouldn’t you rather relax in the back of a nice car, and chat with your loved ones while someone else worries about the traffic?

Relax.  Our limos will drop you off at the cottage, and pick you up. No more rushing home after work to try and beat the traffic, or worrying about construction, or alternate routes. Our seasoned drivers will get you there, stress-free.

Bring all your gear. With our large cars, we can also ensure that we can fit all of your luggage, and any sporting gear, as well as your entire party. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to all travel together up to the cottage, as opposed to having to take separate cars?

If you do have an upcoming cottage vacation planned, please call us today to discuss your limo rental options. We have a wide variety of cars and services that will surely meet the needs of you and your party. We look forward to speaking with you!