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Book Your Prom Limo Yet? Why You Need to Book it Now!

Gem Limousine Prom Night

Spring is here! And with it comes prom, and wedding season. These two major event seasons combined to form a very busy time for limousine companies.

If you are going to be attending prom this year, and are planning on renting a limousine, it would be a good idea to book as quickly as possible. Why the rush?

We book fast!

As we already stated, not only is it prom limo season (and often times several schools will be having their proms on the same night), but it is also a big time for weddings, not to mention our usual corporate clients as well. This means that many limousine companies will book up early, and not be able to accept reservations.

Make sure you get the right car

If you have a big group of friends who you will be travelling to and from prom with you, then you will want to ensure that you can rent a prom limousine that is large enough to fit everyone.  You may also have certain features that you are interested in, such as a sunroof, or a better sound system, you will also want to make sure you are able to get cars that have those features, as not every car will. Booking early will ensure that you can get the car you want, with the features you want.

Make sure you can time the evening the way you want

While you may be able to book a car for the evening, previous bookings may mean that you will have to compromise on the timing of your drop-offs or pickups. This may mean a fundamental shift in the evening, and one you will not want to make. This again speaks to the importance of booking early.

Booking your prom limousine early will ensure that you are able to make the even bring exactly what you want it to be without any added stress or hassle. It will also give you time to focus on more important things, like what you’re going to wear, or who you plan to go with.

We at Gem Limo would love to be a part of your prom experience. Call us today to talk about the packages we offer to make your prom truly memorable, or visit our website for prom limos. We’d love to hear from you, and hope you enjoy your prom!