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Booking a Limousine – Types of Limo Rentals

One of the areas we find create the most confusion with our customers is the different types of reservations that can be made.

In order to provide the best limo service at a reasonable cost we offer several different ways for customers to reserve their Stretch Limousine so they can avoid paying for time that they themselves are not using.

By far the most common limo rental is the “Split Run”.  A Split Run is essentially a single reservation “Split” into two trips, the trip to the destination and the trip back.  The Split Run is the most economical because the customer is not paying for the time in between the two trips.  This allows the limo company to book other work with for limousine.  If there are no other bookings the chauffeur can use the free time to go home or grab dinner himself rather than waiting.

At Gem Limousine we are very careful that any other use in between a Split Run will leave lots of time to have the car clean and ready for the return trip.  Customers are welcome to leave items with the chauffeur who will collect them and keep them in the trunk for the return trip[1].  The Split Run is the perfect fit for most customers; however it may not offer the flexibility that some customers require. For example the customers are not sure of their return time and want their Limousine on standby.

Customers can also rent their Limousine by the hour.  This is an excellent service should the customer want their Chauffeur to stay with them and possibly take them to multiple locations.

On an hourly reservation the customer pays by the hour a set fee from the time they are picked up until the time they are dropped off.  This gives the customer the ultimate flexibility and does not bind them to any type of scheduled times other than the duration of their reservation.  Hourly reservations are usually required to be a minimum 3 hours in duration.

Another popular option offered by Gem Limousine is Flat Rate Package.  This is most commonly used for Wedding Limousine Service, Limousine Wine Tours, and Limousine Holiday Tours.

A Flat Rate package is similar to an hourly limo rental in that the chauffeur will stay with the passengers for the duration of the reservation, however the reservation is bound by a block of time and an itinerary of stops.  While there is some room to adjust the itinerary during the reservation doing so may add to the cost of the trip.

Gem Limousine is committed to providing the best in the industry.  There are numerous options within these options to help create the perfect Limousine service.

Our staff would be pleased to answer any questions and provide quotations based on your exact requirements.  Feel free to call us at (905) 815-9447, visit our website at, or email us at

[1] Gem Limousine will not be held responsible for items left in vehicle.  Customers do so at their own risk.  While every effort is made to protect customers property, we suggest items of value not be left in the limousine.