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Common Questions About Limo Bus Rentals

While we are out and about on the weekend it is not uncommon to see a limo bus driving down the road. If you happened to get a look at the people inside, it looks like they are having the time of their lives. The truth is that they probably are having a wonderful time.

Like most people, you likely wonder what it would be like to rent a party bus with all your closest friends, but assume that it is out of your price range. This could not be further from the truth.  To clear the air about party bus rentals, we have put together the following common questions:

Is a party limousine cost effective?

When you factor in the cost per person for a limo bus, it is a very cost effective option; especially considering all the added bonuses you get with a party bus such as the atmosphere and the ability to transport your entire group of people.

How many people can a limo bus hold?

Our party bus can accommodate up to 20 people, making it the perfect option for many different type of events and to transport larger groups.

How far in advance should I rent the limo bus?

Since there are a limited number of limo buses available, it is advisable that you book a party bus as far in advance as possible as they are in high demand.

What amenities are included?

Limo buses have everything that you will need to have a part on wheels. They have great stereo systems, multiple bars, and luxury seating so you can have a great time as you make your way to your event, wedding, or game.

What are common reasons for renting a party bus?

People rent a luxury party bus for many different reasons. They are rented for weddings, proms, sporting events, corporate events, and even for nights out on the town.