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Distracted Driving Fines are Increasing in Ontario: Time to Adjust your Driving Habits

distracted Driving

On March 3, 2014 the Ontario Provincial Police released its official 2013 report about Ontario’s driving-related fatalities.

Within the report was some surprising news about the number one cause of fatalities on the road was not driving impaired, or speeding, but rather distracted driving. In fact, according to CAA studies have found that distracted drivers were three times more likely to be involved in a collision than attentive drivers.

In 2013 alone there were over 19,000 issues related to distracted driving on Ontario roadways and these were only the reported cases.

The OPP will focus on distracted driving involving people of all ages during a campaign March 8-14.

What Constitutes Distracted Driving?

“The term “distracted driving” covers a myriad of things, including answering phones or texts, chatting while holding portable devices instead of using headsets, turning around to speak with passengers, playing games and watching video. The overwhelming majority of distracted driving offences involve electronic devices.

As a result of the prevalence of this problem, the Ontario Court of Justice has decided to raise the fines for individuals caught driving while distracted, and as of March 18th, 2014 they will increase from $155 to $280. The new $280 fine breaks down into a $225 base fine, $5 court cost and $50 victim surcharge.

There has also already been talk amongst several MPs of raising the fine even higher.

Gem Limo’s Stance on Distracted Driving – Don’t Do It!

At Gem Limo, we want you to be safe on the roads, whether you are a passenger in one of our cars, a passenger in your own car, or driving yourself.  Please, whether you are a passenger or driver, do what you can to protect yourself and others, and stop distracted driving. If you know someone is driving, do not text them, or respond to their texts, and if you yourself are driving, keep your phone in your purse, or even in the back seat so that you will not be tempted to check it. We take road safety seriously and so should you!

photo credit: VCU CNS via photopin