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Does a Bigger Limo make sense for your Wedding? Exploring Stretch Limo Options

Congratulations, you’re getting married! Now that you have begun to actually plan your big day, there are probably a million decisions you have to make, and you are probably trying to figure out where to even start. What flowers to choose? What music to play? And what kind of cake to serve (for the record, we vote red velvet – it’s delicious!).

If you are planning on a limousine rental in order to take you and your bridal party to and from the ceremony and reception, then chances are you are a little overwhelmed by the options.

Most people tend to go with stretch limousines for their wedding day for several reasons: they offer more room, they really give you that “riding in a limousine” experience, and these cars tend to have the most additional options.

If you are interested in renting a stretch limo for your wedding, here are a few of the options that we offer:

Sedan stretch limousines


Our sedan stretch limousines are the quintessential limo that most people picture. They can seat six to eight people (depending on how puffy that wedding dress is!), and offer a J-shaped bench for seating, so everyone is facing one another.

Some of the additional features available in these cars include:

  • Decanters, rocks glasses and champagne flutes.
  • Fiber optic starlight ceiling
  • LCD flat screen TV.
  • DVD player with sound through stereo.

SUV stretch limousines

SUV Limo Burlington Limo

Our SUV stretch limousines can accommodate larger wedding groups, as they are able to sit 10 to 14 people.

Some of the additional features available in these cars include:

  • Crystal display/storage area
  • AM / FM stereo with single CD player / DVD player
  • One-touch intercom
  • Four flat-screen color televisions with remote control
  • Insulated passenger compartment for temperature and sound
  • Single solid divider panel for privacy

As you can see, there are a large number of options available to you if you rent a stretch limousine for your wedding day.

In order to choose the right car for you, we’d suggest you make a list of the options you need, as well as how many people you will need to transport and give us a call. We would love to go over your options with you, and help you to determine what kind of car will best meet your needs for your wedding day.

Give us a call at Gem Limo in Burlington – It will be one of the easiest decisions you will make for your wedding. Now, let’s talk cake tasting…..