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Does the Name Party Bus Give the Wrong Impression?

Limo Bus Party Bus

Limo buses are ideal for large groups

There is no doubt that the limousine bus has become a very popular travel option for large groups. With the ability to accommodate 20 or more passengers, it is the perfect option to travel as a group to a variety of events. Limos buses can be used for weddings, corporate outings, proms, day trips, a night out on the town, and almost anything else that you would be a limousine for.

Does the name party bus give the wrong impression?

Over time, many people within the limousines industry and customers alike started referring to a limo bus or limo coach as a party bus. However, with a number of recent issues and accidents in the news about party buses, perhaps it’s time to change the name. It seems as though the name “party bus” is giving people the wrong impression about this mode of transportation.

While we are all for our clients having a great time when they rent our limo bus, we still want to make sure that everyone enjoys their time is a safe manner.

Is it time to stop referring to limo buses as party buses once and for all?

With many recent injuries and issues with excessive driving by teens and adults alike, perhaps it’s time to change the name once and for all. Even though a limo bus is spacious and more accommodating, it is still a vehicle in motion and passengers need to remember to stay in their seat. You never know when the limo driver will be required to make a sudden stop and if you are standing up, you could be seriously injured.

A limousine bus is also not an excuse to get excessively intoxicated. Teen drinking and limos has always been a hot topic and perhaps the name “party bus” has only added fuel to this debate. It is safe to say that many teens assume they can drink underage and party when they rent a “party bus”.  Perhaps changing the name and referring to this limo option as a limo bus, as we do, can temper some passenger’s expectations and eliminate the misconceptions about using these limos to party excessively.

What do you think? Do we need to eliminate the name “party bus” to temper passenger expectations?