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Don’t drink and drive this holiday season – Hire a limo

According to MADD Canada, the holiday season has been found to be the time of year with the most drinking and driving fatalities.

Gem Limousine Chauffeurs

Every single drinking and driving death and injury that occurs is preventable. Even a single drink can impair your driving ability, and with winter weather, and potentially difficult road conditions, you place yourself and others at even more risk when you attempt to drive after drinking.

Police will also be out in full force during the holiday season, running RIDE checkpoints. While you may feel that you are ok to drive, the police may feel differently, and you could find yourself being charged, or even losing your license, and having your car impounded.

If you are planning to attend a holiday party this year, then consider renting a limo to ensure that you are your family and friends arrive at your location safely.

By renting a limousine for your holiday party you are ensuring that you and your family and friends will arrive at the party, and then back at home safely, and on time. Caching a cab or even public transportation can be a challenge at this time of year, as everyone seems to be attending parties.  Renting a limo ensures you a guaranteed ride, and helps you to avoid having to depend on someone who has been drinking to drive you home at the end of the night.

If you are hosting a large party, or an office party, consider having limos  on hand to take your guests to and from the event. This ensures that everyone arrives safely, and also helps to mitigate any liability you might have of the unthinkable happens, and one of your guests is involved in a drunk driving accident. Watch how much alcohol your guests consume, and don’t be afraid to step in and stop someone who you believe has had too much to drink, and is attempting to drive.

From all of us at Gem Limo, please be safe this holiday season. If you plan to drink, please arrange alternative transportation home. If that isn’t in the form of a limo, arrange for a designated driver.

We wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season.