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Don’t Drink and Drive This Victoria Day Long Weekend


Well, it looks like the weather has finally turned warmer, and summer 2014 may, in fact, be upon us!

After a much harsher winter than we are all used to, you are undoubtedly excited to celebrate the warmer weather (as are we!), and since this weekend is the Victoria Day long weekend, you are probably planning some pre-summer festivities, such as a trip to the cottage, or even to the beach.

If you are planning some of these festivities, be aware that the police will be out on the roads in full-force this weekend, with several RIDE programs set up. Police will be monitoring for a number of infractions, such as ensuring you are wearing your seat belt, distracted driving, and of course drunk driving.

If you are going to be drinking this weekend, we implore you to do so responsibly. Do not drink and drive, whether it be a car, or a water vehicle. Drinking and driving is not only against the law, and may result in your license being suspended, or even lost,  but is also extremely dangerous, as drinking and driving fatalities represent close to 1/4 of all fatalities annually. Drinking and driving should never be taken lightly.

If you are going to drink, please arrange for another mode of transportation: call a cab (or a limo! – We have great luxury Sedans), choose a designated driver, or consider calling a service that will drive your own car home for you. Do not get into a car, or other motorized vehicle with someone who you believe has been drinking.

You should also be extra vigilant yourself as a driver, as there will be more drivers on the road at this time of the year, and some of them may in fact be impaired. If you see a driver that you suspect is impaired, please call 911 immediately.

If you are planning to celebrate this long weekend, we at Gem Limo encourage you to drink responsibly. Don’t ruin the party by drinking and driving. Enjoy your long weekend!