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Eliminate drinking and driving liability for corporate golf events by renting a limo


Many companies hold corporate golf tournaments for employees and suppliers during the summer. While these events can be a wonderful as a team building exercise, and can also be a great way to get to know clients, they also often include a lot of alcohol consumption.

For many people, a day of golf includes a few drinks during, or after the game to wind down. With so many people drinking, and often with an open bar, companies can find themselves in a bad position should any of their employee choose to drive at the end of the evening. If an employee gets into an accident after attending, and drinking at a corporate event, that company can be found liable for the accident.

In order to avoid any of these situations a good solution is to hire a limo company to transport your employees to and from the golf tournament. While the cost will exceed what you might pay if your employee drive themselves, it will save you both money and a bad reputation should even one unfortunate incident occur if your employees drink and drive after your event.

Some additional benefits to hiring a limo to transport your employees to and from your next corporate golf event include: giving your employees a special experience, which will grow their loyalty to the company and making sure everyone arrives on time.

Hiring a limo service to transport your employees to your next corporate golf event does have many benefits, but the biggest of course, is piece of mind in knowing your employees will arrive and return home safely. Because of this, hiring a limo is the obvious choice for your next corporate golf event.