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Events Where A Limo Bus is Your Best Transportation Option

Gem Limousine Prom Night

There are times in your life where you want to rent a smaller limousine: say if you’re going to the airport with your partner, or taking a romantic drive. However, there are also times when a larger car, such as a limo bus makes more sense.

Here are some events where a limo bus is your best transportation option:

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties: nothing says celebrating your last night as a single person like a party with all of your closest friends! And what better way to get around on that special night than all together in a limo bus?! When the limo bus pulls up, it will definitely set the tone for the evening.
  • Weddings:  if you have a larger bridal party, or even if you don’t, a limo bus often makes sense for weddings. It allows you extra space for everyone, as well as their belongings (which you usually need if you’re travelling together all day). It also gives you extra space so you aren’t all crammed together, and risking wrinkles on your wedding attire!
  • Prom: most of the fun or prom is spending it with your friends. Make sure you can spend it with all of them by renting a limo bus, as opposed to a smaller car.
  • Sweet 16:  again, this is a night you are going to want to spend with a big group of friends. A limo bus is a fun and safe way to get everyone from one place to another in style.

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At Gem Limo we are proud to have recently added a second limo bus to our fleet. We now offer both 20 and 30 person limo buses, for all of your large party needs. Our limo buses have a wide variety of additional features, including led lights, big screen TVs, and several bars in each car.

If you have an upcoming event similar to those we’ve listed, or maybe one we haven’t listed, where you will need a larger limo rental, give us a call to discuss your options!