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Gem Limo Wins A 2015 Milton Readers’ Choice Awards

Gem Limousine Corporate Services

We are pleased to announce that Gem Limo is a Platinum Winner of a 2015 Milton Readers’ Choice Awards in the category of Favourite Limousine Service. We are very happy to be held is such high esteem by our clients and the people who voted for us this summer.

Thank you to everyone that voted and all the customers we have had the pleasure of meeting over the years. Without you, this could not have been possible!

Our hard work and dedication to providing wonderful limousine experiences to our clients over the years has paid off and we look forward to providing you with industry leading service for years to come.

This award is another that proves we are one of the top limousine companies in Ontario and across the Greater Toronto Area. With an extensive list of stiff competition it’s an honor to be chosen over other nominees in this category.

We value this award just as much as our previous awards:

January 2008: Winner of the Burlington Post Reader’s Choice Diamond Award.

January 2009: Winner of won both the Oakville Beaver and The Burlington Post Reader’s Choice Diamond Award.

January 2010: Winner of the Burlington Post Reader’s Choice Platinum Award.

February 2012:  Winner of the Burlington Post Reader’s Choice Award for the fifth year in a row.

July 2012:  Winner of the Oakville Beaver’s Reader’s Choice Platinum Award.

Thank you again for all your support over the years. It doesn’t go unnoticed!