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How Great Customer Service makes all the Difference in your Limo Experience

Gem Limousine Chauffeurs If you are thinking about renting a limo for an upcoming event, you undoubtedly have some expectations about what the experience will entail. Of course, there are the obvious perks, such as enjoying a drink with family and friends in the backseat, being able to arrive in style, and door-to-door service. But, what many people fail to realize is that the most important thing in your entire limo experience will be customer service. At Gem Limo, we take pride in offering the best customer service in our industry.

Before you book your limo

Before you book a limousine for your next event, you should expect to receive courteous and knowledgeable service from the staff at the limo company. Can they answer all of your questions? Do you feel comfortable in their knowledge of the car? Have they properly explained to you what your contract outlines, and answered any follow-up question you might have?

All of these factors will likely be a big part in deciding whether or not to book with a limo company, and ultimately, they all come back to customer service.

Event day

You will have expectations of your driver. The driver will need to show up on time, be polite and courteous to you and your guests. If your car gets stuck in traffic you should expect your driver to know an alternate route (if one exists). You should also expect your driver to drop you off at the right place, and to return to pick you up at a time that you have stated. You should then expect that everyone be returned home safely. The customer service skills of your driver will play a huge role in how you remember your experience.

As you can see, so much of your limo experience is based around customer service. That is why it is worth it to do your homework: look up online reviews and read testimonials of companies to see what people are saying about their customer service. Ask family or friends for recommendations of companies whom they have worked with. And above all, trust your gut. If the staff are knowledgeable, friendly and transparent, you will know you are in for a stress-free ride.