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Is a Chaperone for Prom Limo Buses a Good Idea?


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Prom is a fun time, full of celebration. But sometimes that celebration goes a bit too far, and the consequences of underage drinking can prove deadly.

In the past year there have been several cases where teens were seriously injured, or even died as a direct result of underage drinking on party buses or limo coach. And, it is not just teens that are the culprits. But, since prom season is upon us, this issue is especially timely.

What is the limo company’s responsibility?

The laws for underage drinking in Ontario are very clear, and as a result, we at Gem Limo take this very seriously. If it is found that any of our passengers are engaging in underage drinking while in our limousines, their reservation will immediately be cancelled.

However, the difficulty comes in because most limousines have partitions, and our drivers are focused on getting everyone to their destination safely. While our drivers are trained to look out for signs of underage drinking, they unfortunately cannot be everywhere at the same time, and it is possible that underage drinking may occur undetected.

Several states in the US are currently introducing legislation, or already have, in an effort to combat this problem. This legislation dictates that any group of teenagers who are renting a limousine for prom will need a chaperone who is 21 years of age or older. The driver of the limousine cannot act as a chaperone. There will be one chaperone required for every 20 minors in the vehicle. If it is found that the minors are consuming alcohol then both the driver and chaperone could potentially face charges.

Check out an article on this topic: After drunken LI party bus trip, state legislators propose chaperone law

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At Gem Limo your safety and the safety of our limo passengers is one of our top priorities. It is of the utmost importance to us that we are able to get you to and from your event or destination as safely as possible.

As a result, we encourage those who are booking a prom limousine for their children this season to do two things:

1)      Talk to your kids about underage drinking, and the risks and consequences.

2)      Consider acting as a chaperone for their limousine ride.

We hope that everyone can enjoy a safe and happy prom season.