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It’s Limo Wine Tour Season in Ontario

limousine wine tour

Winemakers from across the province are working hard to produce your favourite local wines this summer. Whether you prefer red or white, there is no shortage of great Ontario wines to sample and enjoy.

Right now is prime limo wine tour season here in Ontario, so if you are thinking about booking a tour, now is the time to act before they are booked up for the season. It’s the perfect day getaway. You can get out of the city, avoid the commotion of the Pan Am Games if you live in the GTA, and book a fun day trip with some of your closes family and friends.

5 Advantages Of A Wine Tasting In A Limo

A limousine wine tour is one of the best ways to tour wineries in the area. It’s fun and is completely different than doing the driving yourself. Here are some great reasons why limo wine tours continue to become more popular:

  1. You don’t have to worry about drinking and driving – our drivers will handle the driving, you focus on sampling the wine
  2. You can relax enjoy the company of your friends and family while we handle the rest
  3. You can customize the wine tour so you can visit the wineries you want or you can choose from a pre-planned tour option
  4. You can book a wine tour for a smaller more intimate group or a larger group – we have limos to accommodate groups up to 30 people.
  5. They are a great option for a business networking event with clients

Thinks To Keep In Mind When Booking An Ontario Limo Wine Tour

Thinking about these questions in advance will help you plan a great wine tour everyone will enjoy:

  • How many people will be taking the tour?
  • What day(s) would you like to book?
  • Which wine tour region in Ontario would you like to visit?
  • How many hours are your requesting?
  • How many wineries do you want to visit?
  • Do you have a preference for which wineries you want to visit?
  • Do you have a limousine style preference?

Ready to book a limo wine tour with Gem Limo? Give us a call at 905-815-9447  or use our Wine Tour Builder to plan your next wine tour.