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Its Wedding Season – 3 Important Tips for Staying on Time on your Big Day

Wedding Limousine Serives

Are you getting married this summer? Congratulations, as your day is probably fast approaching! Most people dream about their wedding day, and all the things they would like included. But there is one thing that can make things go downhill: being late!

As there are so many vendors and moving parts involved in your wedding, it’s easy to see how being late for one thing can create a domino effect. This can cause undue stress, or even lead to having to skip things like additional family photos, or time with your guests. This is also why it’s important to hire a reputable limousine company to help you stay on track.

Here are some tips to help you make sure you stay on time for your wedding day:

Create a Cushion

If it normally takes you a half hour to get your hair done, you might think to plan for the same amount of time to get your hair done on your wedding day, but maybe your salon will be running late, or your wedding style will take longer than anticipated. Try to add at least 15 extra minutes to every activity, so you have a buffer is anything takes longer than expected.

Know What You are up Against

Is there a big event going on in your city that might cause traffic delays? Be sure to consider any additional factors that might add extra time to your wedding activities. Some might include: traffic delays, your salon having appointments before yours, or your vendors getting lost or stuck in traffic.

Talk to your Vendors

Most vendors will be able to give you a good idea of how long it should take for most activities, including hair and makeup, photographs, and your limousine ride.  Your vendors do this every day, so they are the experts! Be sure to consider what they think, and ask them about any factors that might lead to delays.

If you plan ahead, and create a realistic timeline there is no reason why you need to be late on your wedding day. Taking the time to plan in advance will ensure you can relax and enjoy the big day, without added stress. Congratulations!