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Limo Options to Consider for Special Events

Special events are in essence, things that you do not do on a daily basis, and if you want to make the event that much better, then why not hire a limo for the evening? It is a great way to create a good first impression and even impress an important client. You could also hire a limo simply to impress your friends and family by surprising them with a ride.

There is no shortage of special events that a limo is the perfect option for. From office events, holiday parties, sporting events, graduation ceremonies, corporate social functions, offsite team building events, and even meet and greets, a limo a the perfect transportation option to enhance the overall experience of the event.

There is more to it than just booking a limo. There are many limousine styles to choose from. They include:

  • Luxury Sedans: The perfect option for meet and greets and for transportation to and from the airport.
  • Luxury SUVs: When a luxury sedan is not quite big enough, upgrading to a SUV Limo is a great option. It provides you and your guests with more room and is ideal for medium size groups.
  • Stretch Limos: Probably the most recognizable type of limo, stretch limousines are perfect for any occasion. With the ability to seat up to 10 people they are ideal for group outings.
  • SUV Limos: SUV Limousines have grown significant in popularity in recent years. They can seat large groups of people and take your limo experience to the next level.
  • Limo Bus: This is the be all and end all when it comes to limousines. With the ability to seat up to 20 people, limousine buses are the best way to travel. Equipped with multiple bar areas and even a flat screen television and stereo system, this option is truly a party on wheels.