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Limousine Wine Tours: Questions to Ask Before Booking your Limo


Booking a limousine wine tour is an increasingly popular way for people to take a trip to their favorite winery. But, before you book your wine tour, take a look at the following questions that you should ask:

Q: What wineries are included in the tour?

It is always a good idea to take a look at the list of wineries that are proposed for the wine tour. If you see one that you want to add to the tour or remove from the tour, talk to your limo provider.

Q: Can I create a customer intinery for the day?

Many limo companies will allow you to create a custom intinery for the day. Remember that you are booking a limo for a specific block of time, so you will have the opportunity to visit any winery in the area.

Q: Are extra stop allowed during the tour?

With Gem Limo, our drivers are your personal concierge for the experience. Unlike other tours, our drivers would be happy to make a stop whenever you request it.

Q: What is included in the limo wine tour?

Essentially, you can include whatever you like. But, in general, the tour will include multiple wineries as well as lunch and dinner accommodations depending on the package you purchase.

Q: Where does the wine tour start?

You tour will start at your front door. We provide door to door service for our limo wine tours. This way you can enjoy a few glasses of your favorite wine without having to worry about driving.

Q: Can I book a wine tour for a large group?

Absolutely! We have limos in a number of sizes to accommodate groups from 2 to 20 people. To get the best value, it is important to book a limo that is ideal for the size of the group you want to take on the wine tour.