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Need a Ride to the Niagara Wine Festival? Book a Limo!


The Niagara Wine Festival is less than a week away! This year it takes place from September 14th to 29th and it provides visitors with the opportunity to sample some of the best wine Ontario has to offer.

Why should you go?

If you like wine, this is an event that you should go to. Why?

  • You can try a wide variety of wines
  • Attend educational seminars about wine
  • Go to wine tastings
  • Visit some of the most beautiful wineries in the province
  • Attend a few on the many events throughout the festival
  • Drink Wine!

How should you get there?

Obviously, going to a wine festival involves drinking wine. So, why not put your conscious at ease and book a limo for your trip. This way no one in your party will have to worry about driving and everyone can enjoy the festivities and the wine without having to worry about driving.

There is no shortage of limo options for your trip:

No matter how big of a group or the duration of the trip, we have the limo that will meet your specific travel needs to the Niagara Wine Festival this year. The only trouble is trying to pick and choose the events you want to attend and the wine you want to taste from the long list of great vendors are wineries that are part of the festivities.

Give Gem Limo a call to book a limo for your trip to The Niagara Wine Festival and don’t forget to pick up a few of your favorite wines and bring them home!