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Overlooked Wedding Limousine Services – Shuttle Service


Having limo service for your wedding is a staple on your big day. While many brides and grooms  rent a limo to take them around on the day of the wedding and to the wedding venue, there is one commonly overlooked wedding limousine service that can makes things a lot easier for you (when planning) and for your guests (on the wedding day) – Limo Shuttle Service.

About Wedding Limousine Shuttle Service

Wedding shuttle service provides your guests with an effective and safe transportation option for them to get to and from your wedding venue. This helps to ensure everyone arrives on time, does not get lost in traffic or delayed when travelling from the wedding venue to the reception location and it is the perfect touch to take your wedding experience to the next level.

Gem Stretch Limousine

No Drinking and Driving

It also provides a great solution to ensure your guests don’t drink and drive. You can set up shuttle service to pick up your guests from a pre-determined location, take them to the ceremony, the reception and take them back to their hotels or starting location once the wedding is over.

We Can Accommodate All Size Weddings

Late night wedding shuttle service is increasingly becoming a popular option and we can accommodate weddings of all sizes. The way you approach shuttle service can be customized to your specific needs.

If you have a smaller group of guests, we can use a regular size limo to take guests back and forth. For larger groups, consider renting our limo coach. With the limo coach, we can take large groups of guests all at once. Or if you prefer, we can take guests as needed back to their hotel for late night service.

Wedding shuttle services helps to streamline your wedding day, you will know the costs, and it will save your guests the hassle of trying to get a cab or make transportation arrangements ahead of time.

Wedding Limo Shuttle Service Benefits

  • More streamlined wedding transportation
  • No guests drinking and driving
  • Guests will be on time
  • Fixed transportation costs upfront
  • A variety of limo options for transportation services

Gem Limousine would like to help make your wedding day a most memorable experience.  Add limo shuttle service to your wedding limo package today.