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Policing The Party Bus: How Do You Ensure Safety?

Gem Limousine Safety

If you have rented a party bus for an upcoming event, chances are you are looking forward to a fun day or evening, spending with people you care about. The last thing you should have to worry about is limo safety. After all, the company you are hiring should handle that, right?

Unfortunately, every year we hear about limo party bus and limo accidents, most of which, while not necessarily preventable, could have easily been minimized, if proper safety precautions were followed.

At Gem Limo we take your safety, and the safety of all of our passengers very seriously, and we comply with all safety regulations.

However, when you are in the market for a limo company, we’d like to offer you some advice of what to look for when speaking with limo companies, as well as to point out all of the things that we do for your safety.

Some of the things to look out for

Really low prices: One of the things that you will undoubtedly do when you are booking a limousine is shop around. You will likely call several different limousine companies, in order to get several quotes. Most will probably be around the same price point, but every now and then you might find one with exceptionally low prices. While this deal may seem difficult to pass up, it may also be too good to be true.  There are certain fees, inspections, insurance and licensing that are required to ensure the safety of vehicles, and all of that does not come cheap. Companies that offer you those really low prices are often cutting back somewhere, and it is not typically somewhere that the customer can see.

Ask about safety procedures: Any company that is taking proper care and performing appropriate maintenance on their vehicles will have proof of that. When you are considering working with a limousine company, do your research, and be sure to ask for proof of licensing and safety compliance. Any transparent company will be happy to provide you with current documentation.

Some of the rules that we follow

As the operators of the vehicle, there is a lot of responsibility that falls to us, and as a result we have several rules that we follow to ensure the safety of you, your group, as well as our driver’s.

Limited movement: This is of particular importance when it comes to our larger fleet, specifically our party buses, SUV limo, and limo coach. As much as we want you to move around and have fun with your guests, we have to insist that you stay seated as much as possible when the car is in motion. This is for your safety, as well as the safety of our drivers.

Stop the car: Our drivers have also been given instructions to stop the car, or to actually kick customers out of the car if they refuse to follow safety precautions, or are behaving inappropriately in the car, especially if it is in a way that could potentially be harmful to our driver.

Banning underage drinking and drug use:  Our drivers have also been instructed to immediately cancel any reservations if we have reason to believe that our customers are drinking underage, smoking or doing illegal drugs in our vehicles.

For more information please read our Limo Service Agreement

If you are renting a limousine, we want you to have a great time and create lasting memories. But more importantly, we also want you to arrive to your destination, and back home again safely. If you are renting a limousine this season, please do your research and make sure you are including safety as one of your top criteria when choosing a limo company.

Safety is always a priority when you choose Gem Limousine!