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Should You Tip Your Limo Driver?

Renting a limo is just like any other service you pay for. A normal part of paying for a service, whether you are at a restaurant, resort, spa, or anything else, is providing your server or attendant with a tip for the services they have provided.

Tipping your limo driver is a topic where there is some grey area for people. The confusion stems from people not knowing if they should tip their limo driver or not because many are not sure if the tip amount is included in the cost to rent the limo.

If you are not sure if tip is included in your limo rental fee, you should ask your limo company. It is also a good idea to ask upfront to avoid the confusion altogether. Many limo services give you the option to either pay the tip yourself when your service is complete, or you can add your tip amount to the total bill ahead of time.

So, how much should you tip?

While there is no set rate, it is recommended that you tip 15% of the total bill for your services. This is common practice across the service industry. And, if you received exceptional service, then feel free to tip your limo driver a higher percentage.

What if I had a poor experience?

Occasionally, people will have a poor experience with their limo driver. If you do have an issue, it is best to call your limo company and discuss your options. In the event that you did pay your tip upfront, you may be able to negotiate a refund for the gratuities you paid.

Tipping your limo driver is recommended. Limo service is just like any other service you pay for. Tipping is a great gesture and great service should be rewarded in the proper manner.