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The 12 Limo Rental Tips of Christmas

Gem Limo - 12 Limo Rental Tips of Christmas

As the holiday season approaches, we are feeling a little nostalgic for some old fashioned holiday music. This year, instead of the 12 days of Christmas, we would like to present to you the 12 limo rental tips of Christmas!

12. Know what you want. Before you pick up the phone to call a limousine company, know what you are looking for. What dates do you have in mind? What time will you require their services? How many people, and how far are you travelling? Are there any special features you want the car to have? Make a list of everything that you think is important (and maybe even a few things you think aren’t), so that you can be sure everything is clearly communicated.

11. Read and compare websites. Spend some time online looking at the limo company’s website. Learn about what they offer, and ensure they have what you are looking for.

10. Read testimonials. Most companies will have testimonials on their websites. They provide you with a good indication of what you can expect when you hire them for your event.

9. Get a quote. Once you have a list of what you are looking for, and know which company you are interested in, call them for a quote. Most companies can put together a quote for limo services for you after a brief phone conversation. Make sure you get the quote in writing.

8. Ask for references. You’ve already read the online reviews, but it never hurts to get some extra assurance. Ask the company to provide some references that you can call to ask about the quality of their service.

7. Ask about insurance and licensing. When you’re planning a fun night out, insurance and licensing may be the last thing on your mind, but make sure to ask to ensure that the company is properly licensed and insured. Most companies can provide you with proof of this fact.

6. Ask for a picture of the car. Once you have decided which company you will be booking with, ask them to see a picture of the specific car you will be getting.

5. Ask about special requests. If you have multiple stops, or other special requests for your service or limo, make sure you outline all of this to the company as far in advance as possible, so that they can do their best to accommodate you.

4. Get clarification. Once you have booked your limo, the company will send you a contract to sign. Be sure to read this thoroughly, and ask questions if there is anything in the contract that you don’t understand.

3. Inquire about additional costs. Is the gratuity included in the price? Do you have to pay extra for drinks? Make sure you clarify whether or not there is the potential for any additional costs, and if so what they might be.

2. Confirm the details. A few days before your trip, take a few minutes to call the limo company to confirm everything is on track with your reservation. A quick ten-minute phone call can save you hours of stress the day of your event.

1. Book early! With so many events going on, there is no such thing as an “off-season” for limo companies. In order to ensure you get exactly what you want on the date and time you want it, make sure you book early!

Have a wonderful holiday season from all of us at Gem Limo!