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Tips For Booking Corporate Limo Service For Your Business

Gem Limousine Corporate Services

When people think of limousine rentals, they often think about planning a romantic evening, or a fun night out with family or friends. However, an increasingly growing market in limousine rentals is booking a limousine for corporate events and functions.

There are several advantages to booking a limousine for your next corporate event, including: renting a limousine will absolve you of liabilities in terms of employees potentially drinking at your event and then driving home, you will also help to raise morale by giving your employees an extra-special experience for your next corporate event.

You can also book corporate limo service for:

  • Airport pickups and drop offs
  • To impress clients and prospects
  • For transportation to a meeting or after hours event

If you have an upcoming corporate event that you think you’d like to rent a limousine for, here are some things to consider:

  • Book early. Particularly if your event is a large one, and you will need multiple cars to transport all of your employees, it will be imperative that you book early in order to ensure that you are able to get enough cars and drivers to cover everyone who will need a ride.
  • Consider setting up a corporate account. Even if you only have one major event, and several airport trips for executives or clients every year, there are benefits to setting up a corporate account with your limousine vendor. Give us a call for more information about corporate accounts!
  • Do your research. Particularly if you plan on using the same company for more than just event, but rather on an ongoing basis for a variety of events, it is important to do your research before signing a contract, and establishing a long-lasting relationship. Call around to see what various companies can offer in the way of long-term relationships, and what kind of corporate pricing, or service packages you might be able to get for setting up an account with them. Besides price, you should also make sure to look into their licensing and insurance.

If you have an upcoming corporate event that you believe a limousine rental would be suitable for, give us a call! We would love to work with you to make your corporate event a success!