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Vehicle Safety: What you need to know as a Customer


We take limousine safety seriously at Gem Limo. We understand that people not only want to hire a limo company that will get them to their destination on time and in style, but also safely. This is why each one of our limousine drivers goes through extensive safety training. We take pride providing safe and effective professional chauffeur service to each one of our clients.

We also understand that the average person may not know what to look for in a limo company when it comes to limo vehicle safety. This is why we have put together a list of things that you should think about when weighing your limo service options.

  1. Make sure that the driver and the limo company is fully licensed. When signing the contract, do not be shy to ask to see the vehicle license or other safety related documents.
  2. Make sure that you book a limo that can safely accommodate the number of people in your group. Do not try to squeeze in a few extra people on the day you are renting the limo.
  3. Be smart and behave in an appropriate manner when the limo is no motion. This will reduce the possibility of an injury occurring.
  4. If prohibited, never smoke in the limo. Also, do not engage in other prohibited practices as outlined in your limo service contract.
  5. Don’t ask your driver to do something that you know could be a safety hazard. This puts everyone in an awkward situation.
  6. If you do not feel comfortable about a certain aspect of your agreement or if you feel there is an issue with the limo, call the limo office immediately.

For more information about what we do to train our limo drivers, feel free to contact us time with your questions.