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Why Bigger Limos are Better – Exploring your Stretch Limo Options

Super Stretch Limousine - Gem Limousine
Super Stretch Limousine

If you have an upcoming event where you need to transport a large group of people, like your prom, or a wedding, then a stretch limo is an obvious choice to get you all there together and at the same time. There are several reasons why you should consider renting a stretch limo, such as:

They can hold more people

Our stretch limos will accommodate 6-8 passengers comfortably. This is more than a town car, so if you have a bigger group it is an obvious choice. The extra room may also make more sense if you are going to an event such as a wedding, or prom where the women might be wearing larger dresses, and need the extra space!

For even larger groups, you may want to consider our:

SUV Limousine (10-14 passengers)

SUV Limousine
SUV Limousine

Limo Bus (16-20 passengers)

Limousine Bus - Gem Limousine
Limousine Bus

Limo Coach – Check out the slide show images here => Limo Coach Services

More options

Stretch limousines can also offer more options for you than smaller cars. Some features that our stretch limo offers include:

  • Lacoa interior trim and bar top
  • Fiber optic starlight ceiling
  • Rear cabin overhead lighting
  • Lighted vanity mirrors
  • LCD flat screen TV
  • DVD player with sound through stereo
  • AM/FM CD player

Everything you need to enjoy your ride with us!

“Real” limo experience

Let’s be honest, when you plan to rent a limo you have certain experience in mind and usually a stretch limo fits the bill. If you are looking for the “Real” limo experience, then a stretch limo is likely what you are looking for! It has all the features, and offers you a chance to fit everyone into one car. Especially if this is your first time renting a limo, a stretch limo is definitely the way to ensure you are getting the experience you expect.

When it comes to limos, bigger really is better!

Renting a stretch limo is a great way to ensure that you can all travel together comfortably, you can get all of the options you want from a car, and you can get the “real” limo experience.  If you are looking for all of those things, then a stretch limo is definitely the right car for you. With wedding and prom season upon us, our cars are filling up quickly, so call now to book your car!