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Winter Driving Tip – Adjusting your driving habit based on road conditions


Most of us can agree that this winter has been particularly trying. There has been a seemingly never-ending run of snow storms, and below-average temperatures. As a result of these conditions, we are all getting pretty tired of winter, but more importantly, many drivers are still not using the same level of caution on the winter roads. As a limo company in Ontario, and one that is on the road all the time, we have a vested interest keeping the roads safe.

We all know the obvious habits to avoid: driving too closely, speeding, and talking on cell phones. But there are also several not-so-obvious bad driving habits that could stop you from getting where you need to be this winter, including:

Using cruise control

Especially when you are going on a longer trip, it is easy to revert to using cruise control to make things a little easier on the driver. However, the cruise control function is unable to detect changes in road conditions, including ice patches. In winter driving weather this can be particularly dangerous, especially when black ice is present. During the winter the best thing to do is turn the cruise control off.

Driving with an empty gas tank

During the winter months, and especially during storm season, traffic delays can take longer than expected. As a result, if you happen to get stuck in traffic in bad weather it may take you longer than usual, and this could lead to you running out of fuel or breaking down during the bad weather. No a situation you want to be in.

Not brushing off your car

We’ve all been there. Some mornings you are in a rush and simply don’t have the time to brush off your car off before you leave. But here is why this is dangerous: the snow from your car can blow onto the cars of others around you on the road, obstructing their view. Secondly, the snow on the roof of your car can fall onto your front of back windshield, and depending on how heavy it is you may not be able to move it with your windshield wipers. This could lead to you literally driving blind. Sure it’s a hated chore, but take the extra few minutes to properly clean off your car before setting out on your trip.

We here at Gem Limo want you to get to your destination safely, even if you aren’t travelling with us. Please follow the above winter driving tips in order to ensure that you get there safely.