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Winter Events that are Perfect for a Limo Ride

Winter Festival of Lights | Gem Limo Rental

With the colder temperatures and icy road conditions many people think of winter as a time to hibernate, and stay inside. But there are still a lot of things that you can do with your family and friends! Why not make one of these winter events more special by renting a limo for it?

Christmas drive. So many families like to go see the lights leading up to Christmas. Many cities will have elaborate displays in parks, or city centers, and some may even more large scale events. Renting a limo for an event, like the Niagara Winter Festival of Lights will ensure you can relax and enjoy the lights yourself, instead of having to worry about traffic and parking. 

Holiday parties. Throughout the holiday season there are a number of parties, whether it be your company party or a new year’s soiree. Arrive safely, and in style in a limo. This also ensures you can enjoy an extra glass of champagne!

Holiday concerts. Going to see your favorite orchestra play the holiday classics? Or maybe to the ballet to see The Nutcracker? Save your outfit, and the time it takes to find parking, and enjoy door to door service from a limo.

Winter weddings. Winter is becoming an increasingly popular time to get married. Winter scenery provides a gorgeous backdrop for photos, and many venues provide discounts for getting married in the “off-season”. Make your special winter wedding day that much more special by arriving in a limo.

Ice wine tours. While the warmer months are typically thought of as being synonymous with wine tours, many vineyards also offer ice wine tours in the winter months. Enjoy a special day of touring the vineyards, and an extra glass (or two!) of wine, knowing you have a limo to get you home safely.

Valentine’s day. Who could forget the most romantic day of the year? Make this year’s Valentine’s extra special for your sweetheart by renting a limo for your night out.

There are so many exciting winter events, and this list only encompasses a few! If you are interested in making your winter event special by renting a limo, book today!